narnia meme: one/four relationships

why can’t you think about anyone but yourself? you’re so selfish! you could have got us killed! 

Anonymous asked for: Narnia | Light, bright colors

At last the Turkish Delight was all finished and Edmund was looking very hard at the empty box and wishing that she would ask him whether he would like some more. Probably the Queen knew quite well what he was thinking; for she knew, though Edmund did not, that this was enchanted Turkish Delight and that anyone who had once tasted it would even, if they were allowed, go on eating it till they killed themselves. But she did not offer him any more.

Narnia! It’s all in the wardrobe just like I told you!

the Dawn Treader

Let us go on and take the adventure that shall fall to us.

Skandar Keynes in ‘Ferrari’ (2003).


Sorry for being that late. Thank you!!! It means a lot for me x

I know this is a sideblog, but I wanted to record the best blogs about Narnia that I reblog this year. great blogs, I’ll always follow, from my original blog (avooxie). Thanks to all, I love yours